I’m a third year Arts/Law student, originally from Far North Queensland. As well as being a die-hard Harry Potter fan, I am also very passionate about Law in Armed Conflict, European languages, architecture and musical theatre. My childhood love for travelling, languages and Australian politics culminated to an interest in IR towards the end of high school, and I moved to Canberra specifically for all the incredible global politics opportunities this city and university present. Joining the IR Society last year as Treasurer was one of the exciting ways I became involved with the IR culture of Canberra.

VICE PRESIDENT (Administration)

I’m in my third year of a Law and Arts double degree. Beyond my rigid law studies, I enjoy learning about international relations as part of my Arts major, particularly when it comes to peacebuilding, post-colonial legacies and Southeast Asian foreign affairs. In my downtime, you’ll either find me binging Netflix, at the gym, drinking Chatime or organising my bullet journal. Last year I was lucky enough to be part of the 2019 IRSOC Exec and experience first-hand the planning, commitment and passion that goes into running our diverse events.


I am currently a 4th year studying a double degree in International Relations and Commerce. Originally from the exotic faraway Sydney, I’ve come to Canberra as it is the epicentre of Australian public policy, where I hope to start my career. Outside of Uni, I enjoy procrastinating on YouTube right before deadlines, consuming unhealthy amounts of Chatime, and buying books that I know I will never finish.


I am studying international relations and science (Human Bio), living at Davey Lodge and working part time at Kokomo’s! I’m super passionate about all things IR, especially history and French language. Catch me behind the bar at Kokomo’s or stressing in Kambri about the assignments that I’ve left way too late.


I am a 2nd year student, currently double major-ed in Development studies and International Relations. I really enjoy socialising and communication with diverse people. Therefore, I am very keen to organise social events for all of you to enjoy! Feel free to offer me any event ideas that you would want and stay tuned for the variety of IR Soc upcoming events!

I’m a 4th-year student studying a double of IR and Political Science which is basically the same thing (aka ‘double politics’). I’m originally from Melbourne but I’ve since loved moving to Canberra due to the vast array of events (mainly political) which go on in the capital. Outside of my studies, I like to eat, travel, play sports and I love to meet new people.


I am completing my fourth year of a double degree in Science and Arts: majoring in what else, but international relations. Having spent a semester on exchange in France, joining the IR Society seemed like a fun way to finish off my degree and run some cool events. I’m absolutely delighted to be one half of the Diplomatic Liaison team for 2020, along with the ever-lovely Senuri.

I am a 3rd year Laws/International Relations student with a passion for international mediation and diplomacy. I’m excited to be one of IRSOC’s 2020 Diplomatic Liaison Officers and joined with the intention of helping students build connections that will ultimately benefit their future careers. Outside Society life, I am a passionate tea-drinker with a love for all things cute and fluffy, and when I’m not drowning under the weight of uni work, I like to take the occasional walk along Canberra’s no-shortage of hiking trails.


I’m Jas, a second year, studying International Relations and International Security Studies! I’m from Toowoomba in Queensland but I can definitely say Canberra has become my home. I love socialising and getting involved in the community so feel free to stop and have a chat if you see me on campus! I’m super excited for what 2020 will bring our IR Society – it’s going to be an awesome year!


I am a third-year student studying a double degree in Political Science and Business Administration. Since a young age, I have had a keen interest in international relations as part of growing-up in Canberra. During my early years in high school, I studied Italian before journeying through northern Italy as part of my school’s cultural exchange program. Whilst at ANU, I have furthered my interest by joining the International Relations Society in my first year before serving as 2019’s Social Officer.


I’m Shayan, a second year International Relations / Law student. I’m from Sydney and am currently a senior resident at Davey lodge. I’m deeply interested in great power politics and I hope that through our events this year, you will be too! Outside of politics, I enjoy roleplaying the Early Modern Period in Europa Universalis 4, blasting away foes on Runeterra and planning some great events for Davey lodge (the indisputable best college culture on campus) So, feel free to come talk to me about your favourite historical facts, your love of gaming or if you just want to pick my mind on the latest American affairs.

Hi everyone! I’m Nick, a third year IR / Security student who’s super keen on all things IR. I’m also passionate about security issues and Indonesian language, and always down for a chat. Besides that, I like to travel around, exercise, and research random historical minutiae. I’m really grateful to be one of the education officers this year. Not enough people stick with IR and I’d like to change that, by building interest in what we do, and helping others out. There’s some first year IR exam prep sessions and academic panel discussions planned, so stay tuned!