The ANU International Relations Society endeavours to engage Australian National University students who are studying, or just simply interested in, international affairs with Canberra’s diplomatic, political and NGO community. Our membership base is comprised of students from alldisciplines, academic staff, alumni and others within the ANU community. 

The Society was founded with three main aims:

  • To promote the academic study of International Relations and Politics in the University environment;
  • Facilitate the interaction of International Relations Students with each other in order to support each other, and enhance the learning experience;
  • To give a social setting for those studying International Relations to further the enjoyment of study and allow them to interact with future colleagues and/or employers

A copy of the Society’s Constitution is available on this site at the following link-ANU-IR-Constitution

We organise events and functions to help IR students connect with their passions, get a taste for the ‘real world’ of IR and help them ‘kick-start’ their careers.

Our most common events are:

  • Embassy Visits
  • Careers Panels
  • Academic Lectures & Talks
  • ‘Diplomatic Breakfasts’
  • Social Events

We also host our own podcast and have our own series of merchandise!

Like us on Facebook, as we post events, internship and job opportunities regularly! This is also how you’ll be notified of our annual AGM, where you can nominate for an executive role!