The Executive

Current Executive

  • President – Simon Papagiorcopuo
  • Vice-President – Meg Cavanagh
  • Secretary – Mish Khan
  • Treasurer – Miguel Galsim
  • Atlas Editor – Nick Porter and Waheed Jayhoon
  • Diplomatic Liaison Office – Supriya Benjamin
  • Careers Director – MacCallum Johnson

The 2015 Executive is working hard to make this year our most successful yet, but we always need more help! If you are interested in helping out in 2015, please let us know! We also have a committee of General Officers who are interested members that want to learn more about the running of the society, this role is particularly aimed at first year students.

The President ensures that the Society runs smoothly, liaises with other members of the Executive, other members of the Society, other ANU students and staff, and is responsible for ensuring the development and fulfilment of the Society’s yearly goals. The President attends all society events, and advances the interests and reputation of the Society both within the ANU and throughout the broader community.

The Vice President assists the President in ensuring the smooth running of the Society, and is responsible for organising Executive meetings in the Presidents absence. Further, within the VP portfolio is the role of social officer, meaning that all social events on the societies calendar are their responsibility.

The Secretary maintains the society’s archives, manages the Society’s office, keeps a record of Society correspondence and setting meeting agendas while keeping minutes of those meetings. The role has now come to encompass the role of Communications Officer meaning that the portfolio includes a role in promoting the societies events.

The Diplomatic Liason Officer is responsible for working with the many embassies and high commissions in Canberra to facilitate visits for our members. Past trips have included a bbq dinner at the United States of America Embassy, an afternoon tea at the Malaysian High Commission or a meet and greet with a representative of the British High Commission.

The Careers Director prepares and organises career events for members of the Society and any ANU International Relations students. The Society conducts two annual Careers Fairs, hosting a large number of Government and Non-Government participants, including the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the United Nations, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, national security organisations, as well as law firms and non-profit groups.

The Atlas Editor has the primary responsibility of putting together the societies annual publication – Atlas. The journal is a compilation of undergraduate and postgraduate papers written by students and recommended by academics.

Life Members:  Alexia Fuller, Adeline Clarke, Bill Browne, Sascha Silberstein, Georgina Neuhaus, Mark Pennini, Stuart Bryson, Claire Momsen, Tom Langsford, Sigrid Robinson, Sarah Moore, Patrick Ingle, Thomas Gregory, Kristina Olney, Maria Koleth, Shuyin Tang & Eleonor Geoghegan (Founder).