A new initiative of the ANU International Relations Society started in 2012, is the creation of Atlas an Academic Journal, featuring high quality research from undergraduate and postgraduate students at the Australian National University.

The Society brought out the first volume in October 2012, at a launch attended by the society patron The Hon. Gareth Evans. It featured a number of articles on topics of International Relations, strategic studies, foreign policy, international development, world politics, diplomacy, IR theory and other related fields. The publication has been headed by the Atlas Editor, whose role it is to manage and publish the journal, review submitted articles and author articles. Articles are welcomed from a cross-section of the University’s population: academics, postgraduates and undergraduates. We feel this publication will present an excellent opportunity to showcase some of the best work from the amongst the university community, especially its students.

If you are interested in getting involved in this project then please get in contact with Atlas Editor, via the society email account at We would love to hear from interested students and staff who would like assist in the development of this initiative.